YOU WANT TO LIVE eco-friendly

You want less chemicals on you & in the environment.

I hear ya! So did I. 


No more guess work at the store about if another “natural” product is actually non-toxic.

No more being victim to greenwashing companies.

Less pollution in your home, on your body, and in the environment.


Let me introduce you to essential oils.

They’re really good smelling oils packaged in cute little bottles. Actually, they’re that and much, much more!

They’re extracts from the roots, stems, leaves, petals, bark (and more) of plants that can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. They’re made of a variety of chemical compounds which have been used for 1000’s of years for everything from supporting the wellbeing of your body and mind to keeping a clean home. 

They are truely gifts from the Earth. 

Welcome to the world of essential oils! You’re in for a real (all-natural) treat.

It was love at first sniff

I was introduced to the oils by my naturopathic doctor, who was treating an injury at the time. She busted out Deep Blue, rubbed it on my neck, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I went home to buy my starter kit right away and counted down the days until my oils arrived. Now that I think about it, I still do this every month with my LRP order (and it’s been 2 years! Also, more on the LRP later). The decision to start using the oils in my life was a game-changer for my physical and emotional health. For the much, much better!

I started by getting rid of the chemical-filled fragranced candles and replaced it with an essential oil diffuser. Before I knew it, I could breathe through my nose again! What a concept. Next, I learned the benefits of topical application and that’s when my love for lavender and frankincense blossomed. And, you probably know the rest… I use ’em for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Now, here I am, so blown away by the power of dōTERRA’s essential oils that I am standing on my digital mountain top announcing to the world that every single person needs these in their life. Less chemicals, more essential oils, people! You will thank me later. I know it.




Safe ways to boost your immune system, digestion, metabolism, hormones… to name a few.

Aromatherapy to turn to when the emotional roller coaster of life is taking you for a ride.

More of your days filled with health and happiness.

Feeling empowered by plant magic, true gifts of the Earth.

the dōterra difference

When I first got started with essential oils, oh 5 years ago, I was just willy-nilly buying the ones from the grocery store and massage supply shop. Little did I know they weren’t pure (I found out when I read some reports from 3rd party testing).

dōTERRA provides us with 100% pure plant magic. Guaranteed. They source the plants from all over the world. Why the pilgramage? Because they want the best of the best. And that means that they go to where these plants grow naturally. The corners of the world where the plants THRIVE. Sure, they could buy up and clear a bunch of land, throw some plants in the soil to harvest for oils right here in the US, but that’s not sustainable. What is sustainable is going to the corners of the world and sourcing the best plants with the exact chemical composition needed to be a true therapeutic grade oil. They call it co-impact sourcing.

Oh, it doesn’t stop there! They go above and beyond sourcing the best oils. They give back to the communities that provide us with this plant magic. They ask the growers and producers what it is THEY need in order to thrive. Not only paying fair wages on time (what a concept!), but also giving the communities resources and tools to also live healthier, happier, lives.

I believe we vote with our money. And in the essential oil world, I vote for dōTERRA. I vote for natural healthcare. I vote for 100% PURE essential oils. I vote for the health and happiness of everyone along the supply chain.

dōTERRA doesn’t just positively impact those who use the essential oils, it also deeply and wonderfully impacts the communities who provide them. 

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT WHEN YOU join our modern hippie tribe

▵ The best essential oils on the market.

▵ Recipes, resources, and an abundance of information on how to use your oils.

▵ You’ll become a part of a like-minded community.

▵ You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to live chemical-free.

▵ A 30 minute wellness consultation and intro to our tribe’s abundance of resources.

▵ Continued support and education from me and our tribe’s online community.

▵ A welcome gift in the mail that contains some extra supplies I love and know you will too. (Wait…snail mail AND gifts?! Yep.)

“Study nature. Love nature.
Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright


✓  ditch the chemicals that are polluting you and the planet.

✓   make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies and beauty products.

✓   live a sustainable lifestyle.

✓   have natural solutions to turn to first to support the wellbeing of your body and mind.

✓   leave a lighter footprint on the Earth.

✓   use the gifts that Mother Earth gives us.

✓   use aromatherapy for emotional support.

✓   ditch the nasty fragrance and chemical-filled candles to make your home smell good.

✓   make natural wellness a part of your every day routine.

family Essentials Starter Kit

  • 5 mL Essential Oils ( ~ 85 drops per bottle): Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, On Guard, Peppermint & On Guard Beadlets
  • Other Goodies + Kit Bonuses
  • Wellness Advocate Intro Packet
  • A welcome gift from me with the tools you need to get started

natural solutions Kit

  • 15 mL Essential Oils (~250 drops per bottle):  Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, On Guard, Balance, DigestZen, AromaTouch, Serenity, and Breathe.
  • 10 mL Roll-On Bottle of PastTense
  • Body Care Products
  • Shampoo & Conditioner: for healthy, luxurious locks, Fractionated Coconut Oil: for making your oils last longer and absorb better
  •  On Guard Toothpaste & Beadlets: for oral health (minus the chemicals) 
  • On Guard Hand Soap & Dispensers: easy to refill and reuse. Clean hands without the harsh good-bacteria-stripping chemicals of regular hand soap.

  • Deep Blue: for after a long hike or a killer yoga class. Soothes the achy joints and tired muscles
  • Correct-x: this magical ointment that promotes quick healing
  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements: my daily foundation for health (and is actually dōTERRA’s #1 selling product)
  • Terrazyme: supports proper digestion
  • PB+ Assist: probiotic – because health & immunity go hand in hand with gut health  
  • Other Goodies + Kit Bonuses
  • Aromalite Diffuser:Makes your house smell good without burning the chemicals in fragranced candles
  • Wooden Box: so you can protect and organize your oils by color, or alphabetically, or whichever way you prefer (I go by color – ROYGBIV, of course)
  • 100 points: to redeem for products on your next purchase

  • Start acruing 15% back in points on all future purchases through the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • A welcome gift from me with the tools you need to get started. 

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS & The Loyalty Rewards Program


Yep, it’s like Costco! (which was started in my hometown, ya know… So, I’m kind of a fan of wholesale memberships)

▵  25% off retail prices
▵  opportunity to earn 30% back in points which can be redeemed for products
▵  access to monthly promotions & the free oil of the month
▵  no obligation to purchase or sell (seriously, zero obligation!)
▵  $35 membership fee (waived with the purchase of a kit – the best way to go)
▵  the blessing of essential oils in your home. Because that’s what it’s really about.


Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Join & Save at the top of the page
  3. Click “Join dōTERRA”
  4. Choose Wholesale Customer OR Wellness Advocate
  5. Fill in your info (your social is only required if you plan on sharing or building a biz)
  6. Confirm my enroller ID is entered correctly: 2257371
  7. Select your Enrollment Kit & add it to your cart (the $35 membership fee is waived with a kit… bonus!)
  8. Process your order (exciting!)
  9. Once I see your order go through, I’ll reach out to set up a time to chat all things oils, learn about your wellness goals, and provide you with the tools and education to help you get started.

Have a question? I’m happy to help! Send me a message HERE ←



Do I have to purchase every month?

Nope! But let me tell ya… if you’re using these beauties daily, like me… I guarantee you’ll be counting the days until the little purple dōTERRA box arrives at your doorstep.

Do I have the sell the oils like you?

Nope! You don’t have to. If you decide you want to later on down the road, you can! We’re flexible.

Can't I just buy the oils at the supermarket?

I don’t suggest it. And, actually… I highly discourage it! Why? Because the EO market is so loosely regulated, essential oils can be labeled “pure” and “natural” and contain synthetics, fillers, and fragrances. All of which are of no therapeutic benefit. We’re trying to steer CLEAR of chemical shenanigans by using essential oils, not slather ourselves in MORE of it with so called “pure/natural” (actually toxic) “essential oils” sold at the store. The best way to buy essential oils is from a source you know and trust. I know and I trust dōTERRA. You should too. *thumbs up*

I've seen dōTERRA essential oils for sale on Amazon. Why can't I buy them from there?

I hear ya… I’m an avid Amazon Primer. Nothin’ better than shopping from my bed, the couch, or my hammock. HOWEVER, Amazon is not the place to get your precious dōTERRA essential oils. Why, you ask? Because there’s no guarantee you’re getting 100% dōTERRA oil. If someone wants to be sneaky-sneaky and use some oil then refill the bottle with a little bit of somethin’ else and then pop a brand new top back on it you’d have no idea! Not to mention… you’ll probably pay retail price and why would you do that when you can get wholesale price, earn points, and get free products every month? Uh, that’s a no brainer…. so, go get a dōTERRA wholesale account. STAT!  

What's the free welcome gift you mail me after I purchase a starter kit & enroll in the lrp?

It depends on which kit you buy and what you plan on using your oils for! The gift is specific to your needs and may include some of the following: empty roller bottles, fractionated coconut oil, getting started booklets, full sized (super helpful) books, crystals, spray bottles, labels, sample sets, more oils, cases, and more!

How do I get samples?

Send me a message on my contact page. Be sure to include the top 3 wellness goals you’d like to address. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

None of those 3 starter kits you list on this page is the right fit. Are there other starter kit options?

Sure are! Check ’em out here.

I want to start a business right away, which kit is the best one for that?

Yes! I’m so excited! If you’re gung-ho about oils and ready to jump on my biz train, the Diamond Kit is for you. It’s not the only one. In fact, you can start a biz with any of the kits (whoop whoop)! If you are interested, let’s chat…Sent me a note here and we’ll get your biz ball rollin’ asap! ♦

Someone else introduced me to the oils and has given me samples. Can I enroll through you?

I respect other wellness advocates efforts and want them to get the credit they deserve for sharing these oils. Reach out to them to get your oils. And do so asap, because these little brown bottles of oily goodness will change your life. And, thanks! I’m flattered you want to join my tribe. 😉

Still have questions? Send me a message here.


AWESOME! There’s an incredible business opportunity with dōTERRA for those who are passionate about sharing the gift of essential oils with others. It can be a side gig for a little extra spending cash or it can be a full blown business that gives you the time freedom and financial abundance you’ve always wanted. Where you take it is completely up to you! Send me a message at the link below.

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